Zásilkovna Widget v6

At the end of June, Zásilkovna is upgrading the widget for selecting pickup point, the new version 6 will replace v5 of the widget. See the blog post to read more.
Along with the new widget, we will change the implementation from packetaWidget.js to library.js to bring customers external pickup points and all features provided with v6. The new implementation is not backwards compatible with the previous one.

IMPORTANT for the Blank template users:

That change will make select Zásilkovna delivery unavailable (customers won’t be able to select the pickup point thus continue with the order). You have to upgrade your JavaScript sources please do so immediately. The current change of JS won’t affect anything, but it makes it prepared for the upgrade. You will be notified about the release date of the upgrade in advance, the estimated date of a release is between 21. 6. and 24. 6.

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