Blank template mode

Blank template mode is only available to Premium tariff users. For more information about the Premium tariff, do not hesitate to visit our website or use our contact form on the page, where you can find out more information.

This mode is based on the fact that the e-shop does not download any CSSs or JavaScripts from Shoptet and allows you to upload your own files.

What does the mode allow?

How can you use the template mode?

  1. To prepare your own design for each e-shop
    • For each e-shop with Premium tariff, you can activate this blank template mode at the administration page /admin/html-kody/. Your own design can then be set for such an e-shop
    • You can disable only JavaScripts, stylesheets or both of them

  1. When preparing the design to be offered by means of Shoptet addons
    • Such a design can be purchased by the client at the marketplace, regardless of their e-shop tariff. Then it can be simply activated at their e-shop
Selling a customized design via Shoptet addons

Who is the blank template mode suitable for?

Since creating your own CSS and JavaScript is a very complex matter, we recommend this mode be used by experienced users only.

However, our verified partners are also happy to assist you with implementation.

Technical information to prepare the template

The blank template is based on the Classic template. You do not need to prepare a complete template, simply modify the sub-elements of the default template. This is recommended to ensure that the maximum Shoptet addons are functioning on the e-shop.

The blank template allows you to keep the names of the classes, etc., on which most addons are linked. So if you were to create the template “on a green field”, without using the blank template, compatibility with system options would not remain preserved.

For technical information on how to create your own topic, visit the regularly updated pages:

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