Pausing and resuming the addon

In rare cases, a OAuth Access Token can be paused, which is a condition where the addon remains installed and billing continues, but API requests are rejected. This occurs when the user pauses the addon in its addon Manager for various reasons. It has not yet been possible to distinguish the reason why a token is rejected.

When a token (addon installation) is suspended, you can respond with a webhook – the URL that is called when a token (installed addon) is paused. You can find it in the addon settings, Settings tab, webhook URL address box to get a pause notification. Similarly, you can set a webhook URL address to get a recovery notification, which is called when the token (addon installation) is converted back to an approved state. By using these webhooks, you can suspend sending API requests to avoid unnecessary calls that would be rejected anyway.

The information sent will be in regular JSON format:


The events can acquire addon:suspend and addon:approve values. The e-shop number is repeated under the eventInstance item.