Addons for Premium Eshops

Premium shops share the same core platform & admin experience with all Shoptet shops but they can opt into using a new frontend technology in React. If you are an addon developer, this is a high-level overview of how to support the new frontend in your addons.

Classic templates vs. new React frontend

Most Shoptet shops run on templates like Classic, Step or Tango. They can be customized to a degree but the HTML structure is mostly given, which is true even in blank mode.

The new frontend is not a template – it is a tech stack that Premium shops can use to build fully custom frontends. Developers have full control over the HTML, CSS & JS output, down to the last byte.

This means addons can no longer depend on specific CSS classnames or HTML structures for this frontend. Also, jQuery is typically not available as it is React-based.

Types of addons

How hybrid addons work with classic templates

Just to have a starting point, this is how an addon works with a template like Classic:

1: You addon communicates with Shoptet via Shoptet API. For example, it can fetch info about products.

2: Shoptet delivers HTML, CSS and JS to a browser, including your JS / CSS that you register via techniques described in Inserting HTML codes.

3: Your piece of JavaScript communicates with your API. For example, there could be jQuery code like this:

$.get("", function(data, status) {
  // display data

Hybrid addons & new frontend

Given that addons cannot make any assumptions about the new frontends, the focus shift to the API:

You might already provide this API but you may want to review things like:

The key point here is that other people’s code will be consuming your API as well.

Frontend part of hybrid addons

The frontend work will be done developers or coders of the custom frontend. You should support them by providing examples and documentation.

Here are a couple of scenarios and what we recommend for them:

In summary

Please get in touch if you want to discuss your specific addon, we will be happy to help.