Which new addons you could create?

Creativity is endless. With our API connectivity you can not only connect external services to Shoptet, but you can also offer time-saving functionality, money or even both. Even the most simple and easy addon can finally help clients to increase sales and use their time effectively.

It is always good to listen to the clients to hear what they miss and what could make their everyday life easier when maintaining their eshop or the online selling itself. This could be automation of various processes they do manually in the administration or new functions extending marketing features or customer experience.

What are the possibilities?

There are many options. You can provide specific functionality on product detail page, simplification of marketing activities, support stocks management or spedition, visual enhancements of the frontend pages or an automation tweak in the administration – there will always be more users having the same needs.

The more interesting addon you prepare, the higher your income. Our Addon Marketplace will promote your addon and you do not need to invest time in marketing, while saving costs and thoughts on advertising – we do it for you.

If you are eager to build an addon, but you are not sure, what would your clients appretiate, we are here to support you. We receive dozen of ideas on extensions every week and we are willing to share it with you, to provide you with tips and insight. You can also have a look to our Feature Request Roadmap to get some idea and impression.

Now you can send a request form to create a new add-on:

Create a new add-on

Or you can continue in reading our documentation, explore Shoptet API documentation, or check what’s new in API roadmap.