Offer your service to 21578 e-shops driven by Shoptet

News from the Shoptet forge

We would like you to have all the first hand news from the Shoptet forge.

Timestamp for stock movement

We have extended the existing Stock Movements endpoint /api/stocks/{stockId}/movements?lastId={id} to contain last modification timestamp – see item changeTime: „data“: { „movements“: [ { „id“: 126222, […]

Shoptet API

Thanks to Shoptet API, you will gain unique access to most Czech and Slovak e-shops and the opportunity to offer them your services. We will enable you to do, what you are best at – to program and create your own applications – and we will handle the marketing and acquire clients.

Basic information

The basic information about what Shoptet API offers you.

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Which new addons you could create?

Do you want to know, what you can provide to Shoptet clients?

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Detailed instructions for working with individual parts of Shoptet API.

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Technical specifications

Detailed Apiary documentation for Shoptet API.

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Shoptet Tools

The basic Shoptet core has many options and tools so you can work with our clients‘ data.

Data export

Almost all of the data from Shoptet e-shops are available with a few clicks.

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Data import

Do you know which information you can import into Shoptet e-shops?

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Editing templates

All you need to know to edit the Shoptet templates.

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Shoptet XML specification

Detailed specification of Shoptet XML standard.

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Data Layer

Description of datapLayer variable data sent to GTM.

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Are you a developer and would you like to create new Shoptet addons? Tell us your proposal, the areas you would like to cooperate in, and we will be pleased to provide more information.

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