Shoptet API Starter’s guide

To prepare the addon so it functions flawlessly is of course necessary. But its presentation is no less important. If this is underestimated, all your efforts will be in vain. Here we offer you advice on how to properly prepare the addon presentation to present your services in the best manner possible, and to avoid most of the complications.

For better customer orientation, we maintain (and require) the structure of all presentations to be consistent. Look at the Exemplary presentation to have an idea of what it looks like.

All information about presentation creation can be found in the exemplary addon

The text part of the presentation

Let’s look at how to create an accompanying presentation text, that will introduce the addon to clients and bring your connection or service closer to them.

What the addon can do

Here you should insert at most 6 items summarizing briefly what the customer will receive in the addon. Start the text after the bullet with a capital letter, DO NOT type punctuation at the end.

Short label

It provides a basic, brief description of the addon’s functionality. This text does not appear in the addon presentation, but it is visible in the overview of all the addons (or a selected category) below the addon logo. This text is also transferred to remarketing campaigns, so make sure you have done it properly.
It can be up to 80 characters long, try using it for eye-catching copy-writing text.

Description of editor

Here you write all the remaining text that appears in the addon presentation, as text after the blue block “What the addon can do”. Here you can expand your writing skills and explain everything in each chapter carefully. It is definitely an added value if you also include a Youtube video in the description that better describes the addon, even adding pictures.

Type the first paragraph of the text in bold, and write approximately 2-4 sentences, i.e. what the main benefits of the addon actually are.

Divide the other text in the main description into chapters (use the H3 heading level for the names):
1. “Essential properties of the addon” (technical information may be provided here),
2. “Why choose this addon”,
3. “Intended audience”,
4. “How to activate the addon”.

The screenshots and logos in the presentation

One image is better than a thousand words. Present your creation visually, in the best manner possible.

The descriptions of the inserted cuts should give the visitors an idea of what the image is about
- If you have your own Czech and Slovak interface, please have screenshots available for both language versions.
- Screenshots are also shown in the list of all addons when the mouse is hovered over them. Therefore be very accurate with the inserted screenshots.
Displaying the screenshots in addon listing

Addon price

Correctly set pricing is the basis for business success.

Monthly payment Annual payment (4 % discount) One-time purchase
190 CZK / 8 EUR
290 CZK / 12 EUR
390 CZK / 16 EUR
25 CZK / 1 EUR 288 CZK / 12 EUR 490 CZK / 19 EUR
50 CZK / 2 EUR 576 CZK / 23 EUR 990 CZK / 39 EUR
100 CZK / 4 EUR 1,152 CZK / 46 EUR 1,990 CZK / 79 EUR
150 CZK / 6 EUR 1,728 CZK / 69 EUR 2,990 CZK / 119 EUR
200 CZK / 8 EUR 2,304 CZK / 92 EUR 3,990 CZK / 159 EUR
250 CZK / 10 EUR 2,880 CZK / 115 EUR 4,990 CZK / 199 EUR
300 CZK / 12 EUR 3,456 CZK / 138 EUR 5,990 CZK / 239 EUR
350 CZK / 14 EUR 4,032 CZK / 161 EUR 6,990 CZK / 279 EUR
400 CZK / 16 EUR 4,608 CZK / 184 EUR 7,990 CZK / 319 EUR
450 CZK / 18 EUR 5,184 CZK / 207 EUR 8,990 CZK / 359 EUR
500 CZK / 20 EUR 5,760 CZK / 230 EUR 9,990 CZK / 399 EUR

Hardware preparation

More than ever before, prior to launching the addon think of the saying “look before you leap”

Appearance modifications

The marketplace is not only a place for technical addons and connections, but also a place for modifying the appearance of e-shops.


For the addon to bring you new customers over time, take advantage of all the opportunities you have to promote it. Remarketing, for example. Because you will not have to spend a long time to convince a visitor that has already decided.

How does the remarketing at Shoptet addons work?

Each addon’s author can add a remarketing code to their presentation settings. This will allow the author to repeatedly reach Shoptet clients, who viewed the addon, but did not activate it. Across the Internet, you will be able to reach and motivate these clients to install the addon. This will give you a unique audience of e-shop operators, who were interested in your service.

How do I set up the remarketing and what do I need for it?

To set up remarketing, edit your presentation, specifically in the “Marketing” tab. You can now reach clients via Google Ads, Sklik and Facebooku. You must always have an active advertising account and a generated remarketing code. How to proceed for Google Ads, see in this article, for Sklik here and in case of Facebook here. You will then enter the code into administration. If you do not know what to do, we will help you – just hover over the question marks next to the boxes.

How do I start my first campaign and what do you recommend?

If you are serious about Shoptet addons, we recommend that you set up a new advertising account just for this ad. We will add functions step by step. The service can help you in the long term, so this investment will pay off. Plus, you will get the best view of your campaign’s performance. You will load these according to the instructions in each system. For Google ads here, Sklik here and for Facebook here.
This is not complicated, however, if you are not successful, contact us.

How do I evaluate the performance?

You can evaluate the results of your remarketing campaigns very easily using the conversion codes of each advertising tool (i.e. Google ads, Sklik, and Facebook). Just copy the conversion ID and paste it into the appropriate field in your addon administration (Marketing tab, Conversion tracking section) to see the number of orders received via remarketing and their specific value. This makes it very easy to calculate the return on investment for your campaigns.

What are the rules for using this function?

The function is for promotional purposes only, in order to install the Shoptet addon, so it is prohibited to use it for selling services other than those presented on the Shoptet addon. The clicks on the ad must always point back to Shoptet addons.

Customer care

It is necessary to take care about the customers. This goes without saying. A dissatisfied customer has one foot in the competition’s shop.