Shoptet XML specification

Valid XML feed

The E-shop at Shoptet can be filled by data and data can be updated via manual XML imports or by automatic XML feeds, which are fetched and imported regularly. The XML feed must be a valid XML document in accordance with our specifications.

The feeds can be validated against the Relax NG specification on XML Validation page. Simply enter the XML file into the form, either by entering its URL, or you can load it directly as a file from your disk. Use the drop-down menu to choose whether it is a feed according to Relax NG specification.

List of validations for the Relax NG

Specifications how the structure of both types of feed should look like.

Products – Specifications

The images for the variants are entered inside the element <VARIANT> as <IMAGE_REF>image url</IMAGE_REF>.

Download the sample XML file

at the following link sample XML file. It provides a model both for a product with and without variants.

Where to upload the valid XML feed?

Upload the XML feed to the e-shop administration in Products → Import in the Import section.

Feed producers

XML data feeds are often automatically generated by an online provider and they can be regularly loaded into Shoptet using Administration » Products » Automated Imports. In this case the feed producer can benefit from HTTP headers Shoptet sends: