Data import

Data about:

Orders cannot be imported into the system.

The formats and their specifications available for import are listed below for each data type.

Products import

Products import can be found in Administration in Products → Import.

You can import products in XLSX, CSV, or XML formats. The file must be coded in Windows-1250 (CP-1250). The XLS format is not supported.

You can find a table of applicable import marks in XLSX and CSV format, along with additional information in our Help Import Products.

Import in XML format

To learn more about XML import specifications from Shoptet, see Shoptet XML specifications.

Shoptet also supports the ability to upload products in XML feed as per the Heureka specification.

Heureka Specifications

Specifications for a feed from Heureka are described in XML File Specifications directly in the Heureka help files.

For the Heureka specification feed samples, see:
RELAX NG data types
RELAX NG specifications

Customers import

For Customers import, see administration, in Customers → Import.

Upload the import in CSV format. The file must be coded in Windows-1250 (CP-1250).

You can download our Sample CSV file.

You can find the applicable tags table, along with other information, in our help files Customers import.