Rights to endpoints by groups

We are about to simplify access control to API endpoints. Currently it is necessary to apply and approve each single endpoint. As we have already many endpoints in the API and there will be much more in the future, this would become a nightmare for Shoptet, eshop adninistrators and of course you, our API partners.

As of January 25th, 2022, privilege to read or write will be always granted to a group of endpoints, covering a family of endpoints related to one entity or group of related entites. So once granted to read group “Products”, you can use List of products, Product detail, Categories, List of warranties etc.

We believe this will make much easier to understand to the eshop admins, which data is accessed, while we will not significantly reduce the effectivity of data control policy. It will simplify the addons setup and approval process on partners’ side. Last but not least, requests to upgrade rights to endpoints for existing installations will be much less frequent.

All currently approved as well as requested endpoints will be automaticallly converted to groups, there will be no action necessary from your side.

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