Company identifiers unification

During the next week (16.01. – 22.01. 2023) you can find in our API new unification of company identifiers that have been swapped.

What will the change consist of?

Calls to specific endpoints:

will now consist of the new fields billingAddress.companyId, billingAddress.vatId and billingAddress.taxId.

With this new logic will be attributes data.companyId, data.vatId, data.clientCode set and market in documentation as a deprecated.

Attributes billingAddress.vatId and billingAddress.taxId will also contain data.taxId, for all operations including order update.

What each attributes mean?
Company identifiers meaning

We kindly recommend to adjust your integrations to the new clear logic, because deprecated attributes will be completely removed in the second half of the calendar Q1 2023.

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