Change to the /changes endpoints

For many entities we have /changes endpoint which informs about recently added, modified or deleted entities, so you can read and keep latest version of each entity. Currently we are producing three change types (add, edit, delete) whichever is the latest.

We have now decided to slightly change this approach to omit the add change type – it will be notified by edit action. For API users this should not be a significant change, while even now the client program must expect it will see the edit or even delete event as the first one (becasue we show only the last change type and it might got changed before it has called the endpoint) and adapt its processing accordingly.

For example assuming the eshop owner adds, edits and deletes a product, the sequence of changes now is:

add » edit » delete

and it will be:

edit » edit » delete

We will introduce this change on December 15th, 2020.

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