Advantages of using Shoptet CDN

If you need to include own script or stylesheet, we strongly recommend using Shoptet CDN ( There are several advantages when using Shoptet CDN:

  1. Requests made through CDN contain less cookies (less data to upload to the server – especially important on a mobile device).
  2. Content on CDN is cached and served faster than through e-shop domain.
  3. CDN requests do not count towards limit of concurrent connections to the same domain name.
  4. There is no need for additonal DNS lookup.
  5. Some browsers utilize dns-prefetch and preconnect instructions. This reduces time of DNS lookup and connection establishing.
  6. No risk of outage caused by slow 3rd party server.

How to serve files via Shoptet CDN

Just upload files to FTP of your e-shop and then include them this way:

<!-- replace by domain of your e-shop -->
<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Questions and answers

Are there coming any disadvantages from using Shoptet CDN?

No, there are only above listed benefits.

How can I use FTP within my e-shop?

Please read following article:

I make CSS/JavaScript for many Shoptet e-shops, can I use my e-shop to serve the files also to other e-shops?

Yes, it’s possible and it’s recommended. If you are Shoptet partner, you already have an e-shop, so use it. If you haven’t got an e-shop yet, create it for free and use it, even if it was only for this purpose.

I am Shoptet partner, can I use my own server to serve files?

Unfortunately no. For others it’s only strong recommendation, for you it’ll be a duty to use Shoptet CDN. For reasons said above – it brings only benefits and no disadvantages to our clients.

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