Relax validation of shipping and payment when inserting order

Since the Insert order endpoint was introduced it was requested to specify valid shipping and payment information. This was however an obstacle for historical orders import if some shipping or payment methods were not available in the eshop anymore.

To simplify this, we have introduced ?suppressHistoricalShippingChecking=true parameter. If used, you can insert an order item of type shipping without specifying shippingGuid. The description (field name) must however specified. This is applied only for “historical” orders, i. e. older than 24 hours.

Similarly ?suppressHistoricalPaymentChecking=true enables to specify any payment method for a historical order. It is however preferable to insert consistent data, i. e. to specify shippingGuid and paymentMethodGuid and keep the data consistent for usage of statistics and other eshop features and addons.

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