New data available in the dataLayer and the checkout process

New data in the dataLayer

DataLayer has been extended to provide more information about e-shop itself. You can use this data to identify data origin or use it as pair key.

name description values example
language current e-shop frontend languag cs, sk, en, de
projectId E-shop id – integer max. 6 digits long 10000, 36550

Note: A language value may remain unchanged if module “Cizí jazyky” is not enabled.

New data in the checkout process

We enhanced data in the shoptet.checkoutShared object in the first step of the order. Following data has been added:

name description values example
shoptet.checkoutShared.deliveryCountries Array of countries available in the checkout process {id: 43, code: "CZ", name: "Česká republika", zipCodePattern: "^[1-7]\\d{2}\\s*\\d{2}$", companyIdPattern: "^\\d{8}$", …}
shoptet.checkoutShared.deliveryRegions Array of countries available a selected country {id: 4, countryId: 43, title: "Hlavní město Praha", shortcut: null}
shoptet.checkoutShared.shippingRequestCode 32 characters long random alphanumeric value persistent for the cart lifetime 2744w0k38m5xiaqx5ldne977k538bqj8

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