Important notice for Blank template authors

As we noticed you through ours partner managers, we scheduled breaking change in HTML and JavaScript of checkout process, which is going to break it in blank templates without your cooperation. We need you to follow several steps listed below.

First step

In HTML editor in Shoptet admin (as well as in administration of blank template addon), you can now use placeholder #ASSETS_POSTFIX#, which has currently value -original. Rename all currently included assets from your-assets.js|css to your-assets-original.js|css and include them this way:

<script src=""></script>

For several days will be used assets with prefix -original.

Second step

On GitHub you can now find branches refactored-checkout for both templates-assets ( and templates-custom-theme ( repositories. Switch to these branches and regenerate assets to your-assets.js|css and upload them to FTP.

Final step

After the new version of application with updated HTML will be released, we will let you know, so you could remove the #ASSETS_POSTFIX# and remove outdated your-assets-original.js|css from FTP.

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