Hiding additional menu items

In all of our templates, you can have almost unlimited number of items in main menu. To make this possible and clear menu-helper contains all items which doesn’t fit in full menu width. This dropdown menu is filled right after page is loaded and refilled on every window resize, to prevent menu item to overflow. Hiding menu items is provided via JavaScript function that can be called anytime after DOM content loaded.

All following functions check if there is an overflow item/items in main menu.

Second generation

checkMenuSize('pre')prepends item/items to menu helper
checkMenuSize('app')appends item/items to menu helper

Third generation

shoptet.menu.splitMenu()prepends item/items to menu helper


Please note, that items are checked right at the function call, if you adding menu item with eg. external font icon, you have to provide check after all content is loaded by yourself.

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