Extended information about logged user and currency and product name in cart


We’re happy to announce an expansion of the Shoptet dataLayer with the following data.
We have provided data about the customer in the shoptet.customer object. We decided these data also replicate to the dataLayer, which can come in handy. This data is available only when the user is logged. It’s forbidden to misuse these data without the user’s acknowledgement.
Also, to enable you to work better with currency, we provide information about the selected currency (decimalSeparator, exchangeRate, priceDecimalPlaces, symbol, symbolLeft, thousandSeparator). You can use this to format prices or count approximate prices in other currency.
Lastly, we now provide the product name inserted in the cart, a minor but desired modification.


See the example bellow you get when you request the dataLayer:

And the cart:

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