Eshop info extended for foreign countries support

We have introduced 3 new fields in the Eshop Info endpoint. All of them are located in the data.settings section.

Field internals has one of the following values: cs, sk, or hu. It might be sometimes needed to determine the internal behavior of an eshop. Eshops in different countries are mostly equivalent, there are however slight details in rounding, VAT ID or currency conversions. This value is assigned upon trial generation based on the web page it was created at: or and it never changes.

To convert e. g. from CZK to USD, we use different forms of exchange rate for Czech and Slovak (+ Hungarian) eshops. For Czech eshop the rate will be like 24.785, whereas for Slovak or Hungarian it would be 1÷24.785, i. e. 0.0403. This difference is expressed by field exchangeRateFlip. This setting and behavior is dependent on the internals value, not the frontend or administration language selected.

Field negativeStockAmount provides the eshop-wide behavior of stocks – whether it is possible to sell even if there are no goods available. This options is available in administration /admin/stock-settings/. Possible values are:

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