API Release news from February 26, 2024

Here’s what’s news in API Release, which is in production since February 26, 2024!

Breaking Changes:

Changes in recycling fees

From the beginning of April, a new attribute recyclingFeeId is going to be created in the API. This will work in parallel with the current recyclingFee.

However, from 01.06.2024 will be this attribute recyclingFee replaced by recyclingFeeId. After that date, we will stop supporting the original recyclingFee attribute and remove it from the API.
Please, during the 2 months period between release and sunset, prepare for this change and adjust your integration so that the effective date does not cause any incorrect functioning on your side.

The whole list of project’s available recicling fees and its ids can be consumed from Recycling fee categories endpoint.

The change mainly affects the following endpoints, including functions in the include parameters:
POST Order item add
PATCH Order item change

After a April release we will remind this breaking change once again.

New Features:

New include option in product detail

We’ve added a new include parameter to GET Product Detail that allows returning a product’s attachments under attribute the relatedFiles attribute, contains the name, url and related file size.


"relatedFiles": [
        "name": "Example file",
        "url": "https://my.shoptet.cz/user/related_files/example-file.txt",
        "size": 2180

Added new parameters for Credit note item creation and update

POST Creation of credit note item and PATCH Update of credit note item was enriched by new fields:
vatRate in percent

Please note that includingVAT default value is false, whether the credit note item price is saved with VAT or without.


New include option in product detail

Since the last release POST Product insertion and PATCH Product update contains the new NULLable attribute metaTitle for easier product management.

Variant url as a new attribute in product details

In the latest release, if product has multiple variants, we provide the url of the variant.
Example: https://www.domena-eshopu.cz/category/?variantId=51238

Variant url is available on following endpoints:
GET Product detail
GET Product detail by code
GET List of all products

In all the above endpoints the url is available in the structure data.variants.url

New variant identifier

From the latest release GET Product detail and GET List of all products products contain a new isVariant attribute that allows you to clearly identify the basic settings of a product, namely whether it contains variants or not, which allows you to correctly set up other procedures or follow-up logic.


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