API Images management

On 27.03. we introduced new image upload in our API.

Till now only product images have been possible to upload.

From now on, there is central project image upload endpoint which can be used to upload images asynchronously to an “central project storage”, is not commonly accessible by URL from the internet, but those images can be further referenced in other endpoints as the result of the async job which will return name of the image.

This “central storage” is only temporary storage, so your images will be deleted after 7 days by automatic garbage collector.

After uploading image to central storage, the image can be set to specific entity in eshop (currently only category) via their endpoints.

Please note that for category, is necessary to use field sourceImageName in endpoints Product category Create and Product category update where you specify the name of the file which you’ll retrieve from the result of async job (or from Uploaded files list).

Please note that even through the endpoint is called file upload, currently only images (jpg, png, gif) are supported.

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